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Common Construction Defects & How To Get Help

construction defects denver coNo homeowner wants to discover that the space that is supposed to be their dream home is flawed. Unfortunately, construction defects have become far too common a problem, so at least take comfort knowing you are not alone.

The trouble is that most of these blemishes are not something you discover, until a year or more after residing in your home. It is helpful to know what some of the most common ones are and, most importantly, how to take care of them.

Disasters That Could be Lying in Wait

Some flaws you may notice on your own, or at least the symptoms. Some it may take a professional to discover. Either way, a few examples of more common construction defects are:

The constant pressure for building designers to get more creative can have negative repercussions too. This rush to get more cutting edge in design can also lead to design flaws, most specifically resulting in facade and window leaks. So, while the outward appearance may be aesthetically pleasing, the underlying imperfections make it not worth it.

Wood flooring is a desirable feature to have, but it also can be a source of serious problems. There is a process to acclimating real wood to the interior of a building, before using it for flooring. Any contractor on a deadline who fails to so this correctly is leaving you with wood floors that will expand, contract and leave gaps.

The most alarming defect to discover is when the structural integrity is compromised. An unstable foundation means a home that is uninhabitable, until rectified. Unfortunately, resolving this is not an easy or quick fix, but with the right experts, the home can be salvaged.

Any blemish that leads to water intrusion also means big trouble. Leaks lead to bigger messes like mold and rot. Aside from also posing a threat to the structural integrity of the house, there is the potential danger of toxic mold. This poses a very real health threat and should be addressed immediately.

What to do if You Suspect Defects?

For homeowners in and around the Denver area, you can contact Global Restoration to report any possible construction defects. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The goal is to provide you with long term solutions to your home's imperfections. Whether you had your home custom built or bought from a previous owner, let us get to the root of the problem and make things right.

If you need construction defects in Denver, CO or any of the surrounding communities, please call 303-956-7215 or complete ourĀ online request form.

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