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5 Tips To Prepare For Wind Damage & Disaster Restoration

wind damage denver coHigh winds don't always accompany a tornado, hurricanes, or hail storms, but they can damage a home just the same. When they do accompany storms or tornadoes, the damage to a home can be catastrophic.

In fact, during June and July of 2009, the Denver Metro area was hit by tornadoes and hail. Together, they caused more than $1,100 Million in damages.

The Wind contributes to the spread of wildfires and causes debris impacts on roofs and siding. Its presence coupled with other natural elements will increase the damages to homes.

Unfortunately, most homeowners are caught by surprise when they experience wind or storm damages. Every homeowner in the Denver area should be well prepared in advance with the information they need to handle the after effects of natural disasters.

Global Restoration LLC is a local Denver wind and disaster restoration company who wants to help homeowners be prepared for these events. There are a few key things you to know now to help you with the restoration process if you ever need it later.

  • 1. Know In Advance Who To Call - Not only do you need the number of a local restoration company, you'll need to gather the numbers of local emergency responders to fire, flooding, and Emergency Medical Service (EMS). Keep the numbers handy.
  • 2. Choose The Restoration Company Wisely - Ask for licensing, make sure they are local so if there are problems with the repairs you can get help, make sure they have a 24/7/365 phone line, and make sure they will support you during this stressful time.
  • 3. Call After Wind Storms Even If You Don't See Damages - The Wind can raise shingles or flashing, create creating, or cause tearing. The shingles often lie back flat on the roof. You could have missing nails, cracks, and lifts that need attention. The Denver wind restoration company will inspect the roof professionally.
  • 4. Plan For Other Living Arrangements If Needed - Being caught by surprise when the roof caves in is catastrophic to a family. Find out where to stay in advance if you must vacate the home. You may also want to pack a few bags with excess clothing and place them together in a central closet or other location such as the trunk of your vehicle for easy access.
  • 5. Call Your Insurance Company - They will send out a property inspector to assess the damages and the amount to pay for the claim. Be sure you also call the restoration company ASAP because their inspection represents your interest whereas the insurance company inspection does not.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Denver Wind or Disaster Restoration, please call 303-956-7215 or complete our online request form.

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