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Denver Restoration Contractor Articles

Check out the most recent articles from Global Restoration LLC for advice and tips on dealing with fire damage, water damage repairs, finding the right restoration contractor in Denver, CO, and more.

Common Construction Defects & How To Get Help

water damage denver coNo homeowner wants to discover that the space that is supposed to be their dream home is flawed. Unfortunately, construction defects have become far too common a problem, … Read More

Mold Removal – What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

water damage denver coNo homeowner in Denver, or anywhere else in the world, wants to have to deal with mold. Aside from being unsightly, it can pose a very real health threat. It can also put your home at risk of major damage, or even compromise the structural integrity. Not to mention, eradicating it can end up costing you a great deal of time and money. … Read More

4 Reasons You Should Entrust Your Denver Water Damage Repair To A Professional

water damage denver coWhen your Denver home falls victim to water damage, it is extremely important that you act quickly to limit the amount of damage that is allowed to occur and to get started in restoring your property. Standing water as the result of a flood, burst pipe, or melting ice and snow can pose a significant risk to your health, … Read More

5 Tips To Prepare For Wind Damage & Disaster Restoration

wind damage denver coHigh winds don't always accompany a tornado, hurricanes, or hail storms, but they can damage a home just the same. When they do accompany storms or tornadoes, the damage to a home can be catastrophic. … Read More

Why You Need An Expert To Clean Up Your Fire Damage in Denver

fire damage denver coAs a Denver homeowner, it can be very tempting to move in for the cleanup once the firetrucks have cleared. This is your home and your belongings, you want to be able to take care of your own and have a chance to assess the damage. However, experts will tell you that the best thing that you can do is call in a restoration contractor to handle the task … Read More

Why Denver Mold Remediation is So Important

mold remediation denver coDid you know that certain types of mold can spread and cover almost all of the interior of a home here in Denver in about 48-72 hours? Is this really a gamble that you want to take with your residential structure? The problem is … Read More

First Steps to Take in the Event of Flood Damage in Denver

flood damage denver coDealing with flooding and water damage is nothing a homeowner should have to deal with, but at some point that could be a very real possibility. It is a scary and messy issue and your first concern should always be getting to safety. However, once the water stops rushing in you are left with the need to get … Read More

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